So you've just heisted Latvia's entire supply of gourmet peppered bratwurst and you need to make a quick escape from downtown Riga and catch the last ferry on the Daugava River, which we hear is real scenic this time of year. But not so fast: the baddies, whom we'll call "Boris and Natasha," are hot on your heels! Your Zhiguli Kombi can't outrun them in their Moskvich Aleko 2.0-liter "big-block." You'll need to use every skill garnered from Bondurant's four-day Executive Protection Program (four days, $5,925, sign up here) to outwit, outrun, and generally ruin their day while not spilling your kvas.

If you're a driver of a Very Important Person—someone rich and famous, usually from a country whose population frowns upon such social inequities—then this is the school for you. But then there are thrill-seekers like us. The Bondurant program—grounded as it is in practicality and life-saving importance—offers us a glimpse of the Rockford-turning, Crown Vic-bashing fantasy.


Mike McGovern has been Bondurant's chief instructor for 30 years. "Mike, ever see 'World's Wildest Police Videos'?" we asked.

McGovern shrugged. "Not really," he said.

So what does it take to ferry VIPs around, or to stage your Great Latvian Bratwurst Heist? Read on, and relive all your childhood fantasies of being a police officer—but only the parts involving car chases and oversized sunglasses, and none of the parts involving paperwork.