Buy Burt Reynolds' stagecoach for a mere $55,000

It's a rust-free International Scout with a bar attached!

$55K isn't cheap but it is a rust-free Harvester. This fine vehicle perhaps harkens to an era when travel between state lines was thrilling and dangerous and made men out of everybody—especially the women. Or perhaps it's a statement on how the Isuzu GBX Concept of 2001 just wasn't, uh, stagecoachy enough—a problem larger and more frequent than you might imagine. "Diamond Lil's Saloon" either represents the famed and mythical establishment's drunk bus, or perhaps the entire stagecoach is Diamond Lil's. A saloon inside a vehicle? How deliciously absurd!


Oh, and there's also the celebrity provenance: the seller claims that Burt Reynolds, Patron Saint of God-Fearing America, used this car to marry Loni Anderson. It probably also made an appearance in "Smokey and the Bandit Part 3," but who's checking? We lent our Laserdisc copy to Nick Nolte back in 1998 and we haven't heard from since.

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