Eddie Irvine fights off shark with a spear

Things just keep getting weirder for Formula One's Eddie Irvine. Yesterday, he was almost eaten by a shark, but he fought it off with a spear.

Irvine was swimming near his home in the Bahamas when he was attacked. The former Ferrari, Jordan and Jaguar racer drove the shark away with a spear he was using to fish.


"I turned to face it—not easy to do—and hit it with my spear," Irvine told the British newspaper The Sun. "It turned away but came back as I reversed out of his territory."

Irvine, who was sentenced earlier this month to six months in jail for his part in a brawl in an Italian nightclub, escaped without injury and is recovering from the scare at his home.

Sadly, the video above does not show Irvine fighting off said shark. Footage of the attack would have been pretty amazing.

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