Jay Leno, now liberated from his day (er, night) job, performs his take on the 25th anniversary of the Mazda Miata, bringing in two Miata godfathers: Tom Matano, who designed the Miata and now teaches industrial design in San Francisco, and Bob Hall —who was a West Coast editor for Autoweek when he badgered Mazda executives (like his friend Kenichi Yamamoto, Mazda's chief rotary engineer) for a two-seat sports car and ended up in product development. Maybe the same fate awaits Jason Torchinsky.


It seems Autoweek has a long legacy of bridging the journalist/Miata divide.

Leno's own Miata is a 1996 1.8 with a Jackson Racing Supercharger, red like the rest of 'em; because for a man with more cars than God or Bruce Meyer, he still has room for the simple things in life. His drive along the east end of Mulholland may vary from our own Miatas.


We implore Leno to remove the useless, tacky style bar, please, as his chin alone does not constitute rollover protection.

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