Comedian, citizen journalist and expensive automobile aficionado Conner O'Malley really loves cars. His Vine account is full of impromptu 6-second tributes and blessings bestowed on owners of Ferraris, Porsches and Bentleys. He also loves the dogs of justice, but not so much goateed men who resemble thumbs and ride shotgun in Town Cars. (You'll see.)

O'Malley really loves SL550s:

But the SL550s do not love him, sometimes:

Or more often than not, the SL550s are terrified (wouldn't you be?):


O'Malley reflects on egalitarianism with the 12-year old boy driver of this F430:

And also diversity, in one of the most multicultural places on Earth. Is that Jay Leno?


O'Malley approaches Broseidon, King of the Brocean.


And then, things get weird.

Really weird.


O'Malley doesn't like car crashes. Please make a note of this, dear reader:

Neither car nor Guys Who Look Like Villains In 1980s Action Movies are safe from O'Malley's prostelyzing:


The local constabulary are not amused.


Lastly, O'Malley learns an important life lesson: never approach Lincoln Town Cars from the side, as their vision is based on movement.

Call it performance art, call it sarcasm, call an ambulance to the looney bin: there's little denying that this is fascinating to watch—even if O'Malley's "character" leaps upon the rich and the weird alike. One thousand years of blood! Aw hell yeah, pimp!