This week in 1988: We drive the Ferrari F40

"Wear a helmet."

That's what Eddie Cheever said to Denise McCluggage back in the June 13, 1988 issue of Autoweek, when she drove Ferrari's newest and über-est supercar—the still and forever always legendary F40.

"Forget its $260,000 price, 200-plus top speed," we teased. "What's most memorable about this car is the way it feels."

That price, by the way, is closer to $496,853.91 today—about one-fourth the price of a Bugatti Vitesse, and a paltry sum compared to the 283-mile F40 that recently sold at auction for $710,000 (and once owned by Lee Iacocca. I guess he found a better car, and he bought it). What car you buy with your fantasy lottery winnings determines a lot about you. If you're in the F40 Fantasy Camp, visit to see what it's like to drive one.


And if you want an F40 yourself, we hear Costco has a deal on a three-fer Fezza package.

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